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Welcome to ...
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Message from the Principal



Welcome to Amabel-Sauble Community School

New this year at Sauble is our recognition assembly to celebrate kindness at Amabel-Sauble. Students are being encouraged to help and care for others. Staff, students, parents and visitors can inform me of any RANDOM ACT of KINDNESS that they witness at school for students to be recognized at our monthly assembly. We hope that this will help students understand that even the smallest gesture is appreciated in creating a positive school environment.

On behalf of the staff of Amabel-Sauble Community School, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy seasonal break.   


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Bus Cancellation Announcements

Radio announcements for bus cancellations are changing slightly. Announcements will now refer to a School Bus Zone. The bus zone for Amabel-Sauble Community School is Zone 4. The message applies to all schools in the Zone. You may not hear our school’s name, as radio announcers may choose to mention individual school names only when necessary.