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Message from the Principal



Welcome to Amabel-Sauble Community School

We have had lots and lots of cold days this winter and students and staff have bundled up to continue to enjoy some outside time. Thank you for encouraging your child to dress for the weather. We have had some warmer weather this week so please remind your child to stay away from waterways. What looks like frozen ice can be a safety hazard this time of year. I am hoping that our snow days are behind us but don’t forget that you can find information about weather related cancellations on Twitter, the school webpage, as a link through the Board webpage or from local radio stations.

Students continue to be reminded of positive character traits and ways to demonstrate their understanding of these traits. This month we are focusing on self-discipline. One of the ways we encourage students is through our house colours. All students are members of a house colour and are rewarded with points when they work together, show school spirit, or demonstrate good character traits. Currently Blue House is in the lead with points.

Have a great March Break.

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Bus Cancellation Announcements

Radio announcements for bus cancellations are changing slightly. Announcements will now refer to a School Bus Zone. The bus zone for Amabel-Sauble Community School is Zone 4. The message applies to all schools in the Zone. You may not hear our school’s name, as radio announcers may choose to mention individual school names only when necessary.